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4 Mobile Wins for your Ecommerce Business

People dictate the trend of the market. Right now, more people are using mobile devices for the immense online transaction than they do on the desktop. Therefore, a business will be committing serious marketing mistake if they ignore the influence of mobile technology for their e-commerce.

Various reports on e-commerce shopping are favorable to mobile devices as the leading platforms for e-commerce transactions. Evidently, you can look around you and answer the question regarding the device through which you will make an online buying decision right now. That is if you were to buy any product right now online, what IS the likelihood of using a mobile device compared to using a desktop computer?

Reports from the US, UK, and Canada, even from across the world show that the world is embracing the use of mobile devices in e-commerce. For this reason, any business that wants to succeed in e-commerce in the coming years must take advantage of mobile technology in their businesses. To help you implement mobile technology in your e-commerce business, here are four mobile wins to employ:



Optimize for mobile

Any website that ignores the call for mobile compliance in their site architecture does so at a risk because more than 50% of total web traffic in the US and the UK are coming from mobile devices. When Google urged website owners to be mobile compliant, they made the call because that is where the traffic is at the moment and if you don’t want to shortchange yourself, making your website mobile friendly will bring more gains for you.

Not many websites are mobile friendly at the moment, and it’s like leaving money on the table for your competition to pick up. With more internet users going mobile daily, their activities on social media and searches are conducted on mobile. That means that so much traffic is expected to come from mobile devices. As you optimize for mobile in your website, start thinking of mobile apps for your marketing and even business transactions. Smart e-commerce businesses are now applying mobile form format where customers can transact business on mobile from start to completion with ease. For such companies, all their marketing and business processing takes place both for mobile and desktop and can intercept any customer whether from mobile or desktop.

Mobile optimization is a common e-commerce task today, and you can talk to your web designer or web host to learn more about how you can benefit.

  1. SMS Marketing

In spite of the engaging nature of mobile devices, users still check their text messages and with the capability for multimedia messages, SMS marketing is a veritable tool for sending business information through text on mobile. As we know, over 90% of mobile users check their messages, and this presents an excellent opportunity to get the attention of your target audience.

With a few lines of text in a message, you can direct your audience to your website. You can embed a link to your important message written in a catchy pitch to attract the attention of your audience to click and go to your site right there on the mobile device. Therefore, if your website is mobile friendly, it means within a short drive between home and office, you can successfully have your audience visit your site and conclude a deal before they alight from the vehicle.



Enhanced email marketing

No matter how the world changes, direct mail marketing of old will still find its relevance. Email marketing offers the opportunity to get your product and services right in front of your most critical audience. Nothing does it better than a mobile device which provides instant access to email right on their palm. It is important to have a good ecommerce platform so that you can master email marketing, checkout Shopify, as it offers a variety of automated store emails with great designs. 

As with other mobile wins, email marketing is an essential mobile friendly business activity you need to take advantage of in your business. You need to install the most current mobile facility to check email and configure your website to be mobile friendly to give your prospective audience the benefits of receiving your email timely and accurately.

  1. Build relevant mobile app

Mobile technologists are on the increase to give you value for money and improve your business transaction with a custom mobile app. A custom mobile app can solve your customer support challenge where a customer who installs your app can contact you and have one on one relationship with you through the app. It helps to retain message over an extended period where it is possible to follow up on the ongoing discussion.

Some airlines and booking agency use such app to engage their customers and improve on the quality of their customer service and get to build a relationship with their clients to increase customer loyalty and boost sales.

Every day, one new mobile device innovation is released to add to the wins already enjoyed by e-commerce owners who understand the crucial role of mobile technology in their businesses, you too should.